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Malte Splietker and Sven Behnke:
Rendering and Tracking the Directional TSDF: Modeling Surface Orientation for Coherent Maps
In Proceedings of 10th European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR), Bonn, Germany, September 2021.


Dense real-time tracking and mapping from RGB-D images is an important tool for many robotic applications, such as navigation or grasping. The recently presented Directional Truncated Signed Distance Function (DTSDF) is an augmentation of the regular TSDF and shows potential for more coherent maps and improved tracking performance. In this work, we present methods for rendering depth- and color maps from the DTSDF, making it a true drop-in replacement for the regular TSDF in established trackers. We evaluate and show, that our method increases re-usability of mapped scenes. Furthermore, we add color integration which notably improves color-correctness at adjacent surfaces.

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Source Code

The source code used for this paper can be found [here].
The git tag ECMR2021_initial_submission points to the exact revision used for generating the results in the paper.

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