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Seminar Humanoid Robots (Freiburg, Summer 2006)

The first part of this seminar addresses some perceptual capabilities a robot must possess that interacts with humans and acts in their environments. Topics are for example gesture recognition, face detection and tracking, facial feature tracking/face recognition, vision-based localization and mapping, and semantic labeling of places.

In the second part, the generation of actions for humanoid robots is covered. Topics are related to bipedal walking, gait optimization, navigation, imitation learning, and playing soccer. 

Requirements and Information


  1. Pointing gesture recognition: Tobias Lang [11:00]
  2. Face detection/tracking: Falko Stenzel [11:45]
    Lunch [12:30]

  3. Face recognition: Susanne Kasprzak [13:15]
  4. Vision-based localization and mapping: Felix Endres [14:00]
    Break [14:45]

  5. Semantic labeling of places: Felix Faber [15:00]
  6. Bipedal walking: Tobias Axenbeck [15:45]
    Break [16:30]

  7. Gait optimization: Hartmut Hanke [16:45]
  8. Humanoid navigation: Stefan Armbruster [17:30]
    Break [18:15]

  9. Imitation learning: Clemens Eppner [18:30]
  10. Humanoid soccer: Frederic Dijoux [19:15]

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