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Lab Cognitive Robotics (MA-INF 4304)

Seminar Cognitive Robotics  (MA-INF 4211)

Projektgruppe Kognitive Robotik (BA-INF 051)

Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke, Raphael Memmesheimer

First organizational meeting: 03.02.2023 11:00 (c.t.), Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 8, Room 0.107

Registration of interest till 17.02.2023

BASIS registration: after the topic association

Block course after the lecture phase (working period): 06.03.2023 - 24.03.2023

Lab presentations on: 31.03.2023, 10:00, Room 0.107

Cognitive robotics is an active research area at the border between artificial intelligence and robotics.

It investigates and tries to implement in technical systems mental functions, which are associated with intelligence.
This covers the perception of the environment, action planning, and learning.

In this block course, the students will implement algorithms for the control of our cognitive robots or the interpretation of their surroundings. The algorithms will focus on solving actual tasks on one of our robot platforms or smart edge sensors.

Various potential platforms for the lab.

HSR     Smart Edge Sensor Device     UR10     Simulated UR5 with Schunk SIH Hand    

The students will work in small groups.

The lab is a good preparation for writing a Master's thesis in the Autonomous Intelligent Systems group.


- Good programming skills in C/C++ or some other object-oriented programming language.

- Knowledge in robotics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning is helpful.

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