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Seminar Cognitive Robotics (MA-INF 4211) 

Lab Cognitive Robotics  (MA-INF 4304) 

Projektgruppe Kognitive Robotik (BA-INF 051) 

Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke

Seminar presentations in the lecture-free period: 27.03.2020

First organizational meeting: 31.01.2020, 13:00, room 0.042, IZ, Endenicher Allee 19a

BASIS registration: 01.02.2020 - 14.02.2020

Cognitive robotics is an active research area at the border between artificial intelligence and robotics.
It investigates and tries to implement in technical systems mental functions, which are associated with intelligence.
This covers the perception of the environment, action planning, and learning.

In this seminar, we will cover research papers from the area of cognitive robotics. Details will be announced in the organizational meeting.

Dynamaid grasping an object  Mobile Manipulation Robot Momaro

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