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Seminar: Vision Systems: Biological and Technical Neural Computation

MA-INF 4208

Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke, Angel Villar-Corrales

Introductory Meeting: Wednesday 10.07.2024, 11:00-12:00 in room 0.107
  - If you plan to participate, send an email to villar@ais.uni-bonn.de.

  - Places are limited and will be assigned among attendees of the introductory meeting based on experience with deep learning/computer vision and graduation date

BASIS registration: after the organizational meeting

Presentations: TBD

Submission Deadline:  TBD


We will discuss topics ranging from biologically inspired to modern technical vision systems
The seminar takes place as a block seminar at the end of the semester break.

You will receive a paper discussing current approaches in the field of object recognition and segmentation and prepare a 30 minute talk using presentation tools of your choice. After the talk we discuss the paper for 15 minutes. Each talk is accompanied by a written report of 8-12 pages.

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