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Lab Course Mobile Robots (MA-INF 4310)

Dr. Nils Goerke

Wednesdays 13-17, (date can be re-arranged)

Room I.42a, Friedrich-Ebert-Alle 144.

Preparation meeting and start: Wednesday 21.10.2015, 15:15, I.42a


The lab course will introduce some basic state-of-the-art building blocks of mobile robotics using simulations and and our teaching and research platform RoomRider.

The lab course is organized in two parts:

Part 1 Experiments: a series of experiments to learn and practice basic building blocks of mobile robotics with a state of the art robot control environment and our teaching and research platform RoomRider.

Part 2 Mini Projects: chose a state-of-the task for a mobile robot, pick or develop an algorithm to solve that task and implement it using the RoomRider mobile robot platform.

You will work in 2 person groups doing the experiments and implementing the mini-project. The programming language is C++ (Java and Python access to the control system is under construction).

The lab course will cover in parts:
robotic sensors, robotic actuators, robot control schemes, robot control software, simulators, middleware, reactive control, localisation, navigation, path planning, map making, some computer vision, cooperative robots, swarming behavior, multi robotics.


Most literature will be provided during the lab course.

You may find the following literature interesting:

S.Thrun, W.Burgard and Dieter Fox: "Probabilistic Robotics", MIT Press, 2006
G.Bekey: "Autonomous Robots, From Biological Inspiration to Implementation and Control", MIT Press, 2005
J.Buchli (eds.): "Mobile Robots - Moving Intelligence", Publised by Advanced Robotic Sytems International Verlag, 2006

The teaching and research robot: RoomRider

RoomRider with laserscanner and notebook     RoomRider with laserscanner and notebook    

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