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Lab Course: Mobile Robots MA-INF 4310

Dr. Nils Goerke

  Wednesdays 13:00-17:00

Room LBH: I.42a, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144


  At the preparation meeting, or by sending an E-Mail to goerke (at) ais.uni-bonn.de

1st preparation meeting:

  Tuesday 21.2.2017, 14:00, LBH / I.42

2nd preparation meeting and start:

  Wednesday 19.4.2017, 13:00, LBH / I.42a


Teamwork for robots

Our world is getting more and more complex.

At the same time we encounter the situation that our robots are getting more powerfull and cheaper. Thus we can think of new application area for our robots. But some of these new robotic tasks are still so complex that a single robot will need help from other robots.

The idea is to take several robots, acting as a swarm of individuals, or as a team working together. Basic principles for controlling a robot, or a team of robots will be the subject of this lab course.

We will work in 2-person teams using the mobile teaching and research platform RoomRider equipped with a laser-range scanning system and an on board camera, the mobile platform Robotino, the 6-DOF manipulator (Kinova robot arm Mico and a quadcopter (type Bebop2).

The robots will be programmed under Linux, with C or C++ programming language. We expect, that you are allready familiar with programming C or C++.


S.Thrun, W.Burgard and Dieter Fox: "Probabilistic Robotics", MIT Press, 2006
G.Bekey: "Autonomous Robots, From Biological Inspiration to Implementation and Control", MIT Press, 2005
J.Buchli (eds.): "Mobile Robots - Moving Intelligence", Publised by Advanced Robotic Sytems International Verlag, 2006

Additional literature, will be given during the lab course.


Roomba-Robot with laser scanner and PC     Roomba-Robot with laser scanner and PC    

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