Universitšt Bonn: Autonomous Intelligent Systems GroupHumanoid Soccer School 2013

Talk: Biologically-inspired musculoskeletal humanoids

Ikuo Mizuuchi, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture & Technology

Tuesday, July 23rd, 11:00-11:30


Difference between electric-motor-driven normal robots and human's musculoskeletal body structure include natural elasticity and viscosity, number of degrees of freedom, policy of controlling, and so on. I and my colleagues have been tackling the problem of how we can realize a more human-like humanoids than motor-driven humanoids. My brief talk will introduce the outline of our endeavors of designing and controlling musculoskeletal humanoids. I would also like to briefly introduce recent research activities such as utilization of natural elasticity for athletic motions, and a pneumatic-driven musculoskeletal humanoid. 


Universitšt Bonn, Institute for Computer Science, Autonomous Intelligent Systems