Universität Bonn: Autonomous Intelligent Systems GroupHumanoid Soccer School 2013

Lecture: Models for explaining human locomotion

Moritz Maus, TU Darmstadt

Monday, July 22nd, 14:00-15:30


Human locomotion is part of every day's life. Nevertheless, it is a complex motion that could not be mastered by humanoid robots despite decades of research. How can we get a grasp of this motion?
In this presentation, I will present how to use minimalistic gait models (forward simulation models) to describe human walking and running. These models do not only exhibit similar dynamics, but can also reproduce the dynamic behavior of experimentally observed individuals in terms of similar linearized Poincaré maps. These abstract mechanical models can provide a common description for both biological and artificial gait as well as guidelines how to build and control technical walking devices like humanoids, but also prostheses and orthoses.

In this presentation, first general characteristics of human running are presented. Subsequently, the "linear" part of the dynamics is identified and analyzed. Then, the notion of "template" models is introduced, and their use in gait analysis and synthesis is discussed. Finally, a short outlook of how
to use these models directly for controlling bipeds is given.




Universität Bonn, Institute for Computer Science, Autonomous Intelligent Systems